Projects - Cliffview Cemetery


  • Project Coordination
  • Design
  • Irrigation System

The existing Price City Cemetery and Cliffview Cemetery were reaching capacity, thus creating a need for additional space. The city had always planned on expanding the Cliffview Cemetery to include 3 future phases. Price City pursued Community Impact Board (CIB) funds to expand the Cliffview Cemetery. J&T worked with the city to design the next phase and plan for the following phases in order to be prepared for future irrigation development. $1 million project improvements consisted of a restroom, parking area, concrete roads, an irrigation system with a 20 Hp VFD pump system, and landscaped area of over 150,000 square feet.

The construction schedule had to be coordinated with the Parks Department to avoid interruption of grave site services and to ensure that construction limits and dust control did not affect these services.

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