Projects - Cottonwood Pressurized Irrigation System


  • Master Plan
  • Hydraulic Model
  • Cost Estimates
  • Fund Acquisition

J&T developed a master plan to guide in the implementation of the CCCIC pressurized irrigation system for 8,000 acres under their service area. A hydraulic model was developed and a preliminary engineering report was written to assist the Irrigation Company in determining the required storage and pipe sizes to deliver adequate pressure to the sprinkler systems for the farm lands within the CCCIC service area. J&T provided preliminary cost estimates and assisted the CCCIC in acquiring adequate funds to construct the phased projects. Funding for this project came through the Colorado River Basin Wide Salinity Control Program with additional funds being obtained through the Department of Water Resources and private money. The project was divided into five phases to accommodate funding constraints. After the preliminary engineering report was completed, J&T has completed all five phases of design and construction. The overall construction costs for this project was over $33 million.

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