Projects - Muddy Creek Sedimentation Basin


  • Sediment Basins
  • Pipeline

Designed an in-stream diversion, off-stream sediment basin and pipeline along Muddy Creek north of the town of Emery, Utah to provide both municipal and irrigation water to the town and surrounding area. This project replaced an existing antiquated diversion, improved the quality of the water supply and reduced required maintenance to existing facilities by removing suspended sediments upstream of Emery Canal, which conveys the water to downstream users. The Muddy Creek is diverted through a moving screen that will remove the debris in the river and into three separate sediment basins. The sediment settles in the three basin and the cleaner water flow over a weir into a 60 inch HDPE pipeline that serves the surrounding areas. These sediment basins are controlled with three automatic gates that can be set to flush each basin for a set amount of time. The sediment is flushed back into the Muddy Creek. A radial gate was constructed in the main channel to keep the flows into the sediment basin constant and will open up during the runoff and large storm events.

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