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J&T offers project planning with a focus on providing accurate, detailed information to allow the client to make informed, well thought out decisions. J&T has planned for communities in a variety of ways including feasibility studies and preliminary engineering reports for funding procurement, utility and development plans for cities, industrial parks, and special service districts. J&T has worked with Irrigation Companies to develop 5 and 10 year plans for converting systems from flood irrigation to sprinkler irrigation systems.

Project Samples

Cottonwood Irrigation Company Secondary Water Master Plan, Design, and Construction

J&T developed a master plan to guide in the implementation of the CCIC pressurized irrigation system. A hydraulic model was developed and a preliminary engineering report was written to assist the Irrigation Company in determining the required storage and pipe sizes to deliver adequate pressure to the sprinkler systems for the farm lands within the CCCIC service area. Funding for this project came through the Colorado River Basin Wide Salinity Control Program with additional funds being obtained through the Department of Water Resources. After the preliminary engineering report was completed, J&T completed three phases of design and construction.

Wellington City Infrastructural Improvement Water Study and Preliminary Engineering Report

J&T has been the Wellington City Engineer of Record for over twenty years. We have a great relationship, and we develop their utility studies and handle their design needs. Wellington City has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Services to acquire funding for a future Water Treatment Plan (WTP). We are currently conducting the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to acquire future funding for the needed WTP. This PER requires Bulletin 1780-2 and the Utah Supplement to Bulletin 1780-2 Water Facility. We have conducted a previous water study to determine the current and future water demands. The PER documents analyze the system for existing and future growth, it also evaluates several alternatives to improve their system, presents cost estimates, and offers recommended improvements. The water study evaluated potential supply sources, required infrastructural improvements, and the feasibility of a WTP within Wellington City’s boundaries to meet existing and future demands. Project funding was applied for and loaned through the Utah State Division of Drinking Water.

Wellington City Secondary Water Master Plan, Design, and Construction

The Master Plan was conducted to determine the current and future water demands. The system was examined in its entirety and existing demands were projected 30 years. The distribution system was analyzed for current and future needs. An in-depth section on their water rights and worth was conducted. The system was analyzed for with its current infrastructure and recommendations were given.

Price/Wellington Irrigation Company Water Master Plan, and Construction

The Master Plan was conducted to examine system water rights and share allocation. Priorities were determined to ensure water rights were being used in their proper place and to disperse water rights for each individual. Each parcel of agricultural ground was examined in order to put a demand on the future system. J&T then designed all of the on-farm irrigation systems. Partial funding for the construction and implementation of the project was given by the Bureau of Reclamation (Salinity monies), the Division of Water Resources, and CIB.

Clawson City Sewer Expansion Feasibility Study

J&T conducted a feasibility report for Clawson City in 2009. The study evaluated the feasibility of expanding Clawson’s Sewer System to houses in Clawson City that currently utilize septic tanks. Alternatives were evaluated and cost opinions were developed for each alternative to determine the feasibility and the best alternative for servicing the houses within Clawson City that currently utilize septic tanks. The alternatives included design of sewer collection pipe, a pump station, and force main to connect to the existing system. This project was funded by CIB grant/loan and application for construction was coordinated between Clawson City, Castle Valley Special Service District, and J&T.

Castle Valley Special Service District Facilities Plan and Master Plans

J&T conducts a facilities plan update for CVSSD approximately every five years. The most recent study was in 2009. The plan provided conceptual planning level recommendations for necessary upgrades and expansion of the CVSSD utilities and infrastructure to meet 2030 population projections. The Plan evaluated the culinary water treatment and distribution, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, secondary irrigation, storm drainage, and streets for Castle Dale City, Clawson Town, Cleveland Town, Elmo Town, Ferron City, Huntington City, and Orangeville City. This plan was conducted with CIB grant/loan and was used to apply for future project funding. J&T is currently developing Water Master Plans for 8 cities within the CVSSD boundaries to meet state requirements. Each master plan is being partially funded through CIB.

North Emery Water Users Special Service District (NEWUSSD) Master Plan

J&T conducted a master plan update in 2003 for NESSD. This plan consisted of a source and demand analysis, a distribution network analysis, a water conservation plan, right-of-way maps and easement inventory, and an emergency response plan. The plan examined the existing culinary water system and determined future demand. We determined the number of future connections that could be added to the system before it would reach full capacity. J&T also examined possible storage tank locations and gave recommendations on the preferred locations. This project was funded by CIB grant/loan and application for construction was coordinated between NEWUSSD and J&T.

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